I think songwriting is something that I kind of need to do. It’s become so much more than just something I love doing, more than a hobby. I think that I tend to write songs mostly when a feeling really contends emotion whether good or bad, whether I’m intensely happy or intensely sad, or angry or frustrated, or confused, or angry or sad. You know, I tend to write songs mostly in those moments. I think that’s why we need music the most. And I tend to write a lot of songs about love. Falling in love or losing it. And I think that being sort of a hopeless romantic, you never imagined that when you said hello to someone and you fall in love that some day you’ll have to say goodbye to them. I don’t think you ever imagine when you have a first kiss with someone that you’ll have a last kiss with them.
"Music gives me a place where I feel like I can fit in"
Hunter Hayes (via theedgeofakiss)
"If I told you
How many times
I’ve sat alone
On the shower floor,
I promise,
You’d cry too."
l.s.f. (via cryingful)